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Testimonial: Migraine Headaches and TMJ — Dani N.

For a large part of my life, I suffered from migraines possibly contributed by nightly clenching. Earlier this year however, the migraines had become increasingly intense and even with a night guard, my clenching was more extreme than ever. I became more dependent on over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for relief from my severe headaches. Tired of fearing what the medications may be doing to my body, I needed to seek another alternative remedy. I met Newton Lee through a friend in April of 2008. Not knowing what acupuncture was at the time, I jokingly asked him if he had a needle that fixed headaches. It was through this conversation in which he explained what acupuncture is about that lead me to start my treatments with him soon after. I can say without exaggeration that acupuncture with Newton has lead me to see results immediately. I began seeing him on a weekly basis. By helping me trace the sources of my issues, he was not only able to relieve me of my migraines, but was also able to bring light to the issues that were causing my condition and then helping with those as well. I am proud to say that I no longer suffer severe migraines and have not clenched as hard since. I am also benefiting from a much better quality of life overall. So much better that I am now seeing Newton every other week as opposed to a weekly basis. Evidence to me that what he is doing is truly helping.

Dani N., Bowie, MD