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Testimonial: Severe Seasonal Allergies — Doug G.

I wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend Newton Lee and his clinic. As a patient, I hold Newton Lee in the highest esteem among all medical professionals (regardless of practice type) from whom I have ever received care. In addition to effective results, Newton Lee's practice distinguishes itself from the rest of the healthcare industry by attentive listening, thorough consideration of the whole patient, dedication to finding root causes and solutions, on-time appointments, treatment rooms with an atmosphere conducive to well-being, and his always upbeat, unhurried demeanor.

I initially sought acupuncture treatment from Newton Lee for severe seasonal allergies after moving to VA from a dry climate. It was the first time I tried acupuncture, having regarded it with skepticism up until that point for no reason other than ignorance. After pills, sprays, immunotherapy, and even sinoplasty surgery failed to provide relief, I decided to give acupuncture a try.

The results were rapid, highly effective, and enduring. I was also humbled and amazed by the degree to which my mind was opened up on a philosophical level by the experience. I do not mean that eastern ideas or beliefs were in any way foisted upon me unknowingly or unwittingly. How this came about, rather, was another example of how my experience with Newton Lee differs from my experience with mainstream healthcare. Where my naturally inquisitive and questioning personality would typically cause doctors I have interacted with to become defensive or even take offense by perceiving a threat to their authority, Newton patiently answered my questions and offered as much instruction and information as I requested. In this manner, Newton Lee instilled a high level of confidence and displayed the highest level of integrity.

I expanded beyond my initial allergy treatments when I realized how all-encompassing acupuncture can be by its very nature and when performed by a skilled and experienced practitioner such as Newton Lee.

If you have ever felt that healthcare in general seems to consist of overly simplistic snap judgments arrived at in brief, rushed examinations, and where the "treatments" always take one of two forms—either a prescription, or a referral to another doctor (often with an over-eager scalpel)—then you would be well-served by seeking treatment from Newton Lee.